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This website is designed,built and managed by PCP, specifically created to promote the Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) services, that we provide for all our clients whose websites we have built and host, along with any business, small, medium or large, wanting to boost the visibility both locally and globally along with the overall ranking of a website without using Pay Per Click ( PPC ).
We specialise in natural SEO, meaning we concentrate on every aspect of the website, from the content, layout, design, images, link popularity and all the behind the scenes language and scripts.

Many people believe that PPC ( Pay Per Click ) advertising like Google Adwords is SEO.. It isn’t. Adwords will get your advert on page 1, but not your website, and ultimately if done incorrectly ( or correctly ) can be very expensive.

We are not saying PPC is a bad thing, as it is a Very effective way of promoting your business, product or promotion, however, over the years we have found that many companies pay hundreds / thousands of pounds to have a website built, then simply leave it and hope that it will naturally progress up the rankings. In a competitive world your competition is most likely optimising and promoting their website along with using PPC. Left unattended your website has no chance of competing and will ultimately need some form of SEO to enable it to compete with your competitors.

To add to that, SEO isn’t just SEO. There is also Local SEO, which is a different kettle of fish altegether! If you areĀ  a local business and your business focuses on your local area, you should be looking at promoting your company using Local SEO, which uses different aspects of the web to improve your rankings and presence on a local scale. Confused?? Don’t worry, we’re not.For more details call PCP today on 01634 322544

Based in Gillingham Kent, PCP offer bespoke SEO packages no matter what size your business.


Sounds harsh, but if you don’t regularly maintain and tweak your website it is inevitable that it will drop off the radar and become obscure from search engines. Your website is like a shop display on a high street. If you don’t update it with new products or promotions, passers by will stop looking, sales will drop and ultimately the shop could close.
The web has opened up a world of opportunity for all businesses across the planet. Your business has the potential to reach customers and clients on every corner of the planet.
SEO goes hand in hand with web design. Most professional web design companies should be capable and should build a website with the correct web standards and practices required to get the website indexed with the major search engines. SEO basics such as ALT tags on images, meta tags, social integration, back-links and most importantly, informative, clear and concise content throughout the website. If at very least these practices are met, then your website should be indexed with search engines and should over a period of time build through the rankings. That said there is no guarantee of this, as the are many many factors that affect page rank, one of these is quite simply competition.
PCP integrate the latest SEO techniques in all their web designs. If your website is not SEO implemented at the time of build, it could cost you a lot of money to correct in the future, so always ask your web designer how they will optimse your website during the build process.
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Technology is moving at such a fast rate most of us can not keep up. Most of us can’t imagine building their own website 10 years ago, possibly even 5 years ago. Technology is now so advanced it allows someone with little or no experience to design and build a website for personal or business use. This is great for many people and we at SEO in Kent and PCP welcome all advancements in technology which allows us to progress. That said… the chances are that if you built your own website for your business, and you don’t have experience in web design and SEO there is a big possibility you missed something. And chances are one or more of your competitors used a professional company to build theirs, who didn’t miss anything! If this is the case it will be almost impossible to move above those websites in the search rankings.

Now don’t let us be the ones to tell you how to run your business, but we try to beat our competition, we don’t always win, but we do everything in our power, and use all our expertise and knowledge to get to the top. PCP can analyse your current website and give you an in depth report on how it’s currently performing and give you an honest evaluation on what can be done to beat your competition.

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