Welcome to SEO in Kent, part of the PCP brand.

This website is designed,built and managed by PCP, specifically created to promote the Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) services, that we provide, and give a descriptive explanation of what SEO is, why you need it, and to hopefully clear up a lot of the misconceptions about SEO.

The information provided should give you a much better understanding of SEO, and also provide you with the tools and basic understanding to tackle some of the SEO on your website yourself.

We understand that most of you are busy running your business and don’t have the time to work on your website. You have paid to have someone design and build it, surely that’s all that you need right? Wrong! You wouldn’t spend tens of thousands on a new car and never get it serviced and maintained would you? Well your website is just like that car. If it isn’t regularly serviced it will slowly drop in the search results into oblivion.

SEO standards and practices change pretty much on  a weekly basis, with the big search engines changing and tweaking the way results are displayed.

To expect a business owner to keep up with these changes and implement them into their website is impossible. The world of SEO is an industry in itself  and is extremely complex and can be very very very time consuming. Fortunately there are hundreds / thousands of companies who specialise in SEO ( much like ourselves at PCP !) who can implement all the important aspects of SEO into your website, ensuring that you are always found by new potential customers. Plus there are lots and lots of tools available for you to use that will allow you to do what we do.

Throughout this website we will show you how to use some of these tools to help keep your website fully optimised.






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